Flow Meter

The HIRO DN 25 flow meter is used for hydraulic balancing of geothermal systems. It measures the flow rate of fluids based on the principle of a float with counter spring.

Temperature monitoring can also be carried out.

It features an insertion slot for an electronic temperature measuring module for optimised adjustment of the system and since all modules are connected via a wireless network, the temperature behaviour of the system can be monitored and logged during the commissioning process using our specialist computer software.


  • Brine circuit manifolds
  • Flow control
  • Flow measurement
  • Temperature measurement


  • Nominal diameter DN 25
  • Wireless module & connection
  • Temperature option
  • Fluids Water mixed with common corrosion inhibitors and anti-freeze additives
  • Measuring range 20–55 l/min
  • Flow coefficient kvs 15.3 m³/h
  • Operating pressure PB 0.1–3 bar
  • Test pressure 12 bar
  • Connection MEFCO-thread
  • Material PVC sight gauge insert / body PP GF 30