Coracon GT ECO AF-14

Coracon GT ECO AF-14 is an environmentally friendly heat transfer fluid with frost protection properties for brine/water heat pumps based on biosuccinic acid for use in Geothermal Energy heat recovery recirculation systems. It serves as a heat transfer, corrosion and antifreeze agent.

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  • Geothermal Energy heat recovery systems
  • Geothermal Loop antifreeze protection


Advantage over liquids based on monoethylene or monopropylene glycol:

  • Extremely low viscosity and significantly better heat transfer properties
  • Less power consumption, more efficient plant design and lower costs
  • Excellent corrosion protection without additional additives
  • Extremely environmentally and health-friendly
  • Virtually no hazard potential
  • 50% less CO2 emissions during production
  • LAWA approved
  • Geothermal cooling brine without glycol and triazoles
  • Frost protection to -14°C
  • Made from renewable, non-GMO plants
  • Excellent corrosion protection without additional additives
  • 99.9% biodegradable within 10 days
  • Suitable for geothermal projects in drinking water protection areas
  • 200kg Plastic drum