Cube Manifold Chamber

The CUBE manifold chamber is used in combination with geothermal manifolds. It provides security as well as central location for controlling and monitoring the flow and pressure of geothermal ground source heat recovery systems.

Moulded from tough, 11mm thick, solid walled resistant polyethylene, they are available with up to 4 brine circuits together with an assortment of accessories such as control valves, flow meters, fill and bleed ports and pressure gauges.

It has a removable lid which is rated to Group 1, Class A15, 35kN and suitable for installation within driveways or areas of occasional light slow-moving traffic.


  • Geothermal ground source heat recovery
  • Multi-well installations


  • Compact & lightweight
  • Rotational moulded
  • Water resistant
  • Frost protection (approx. 480mm)
  • Flow control valves
  • Flow measurement valves
  • Fill/bleed valves
  • Pressure tested to 4 bar
  • Group 1 Class A15 35kN rated removable lid
  • Horizontal manifold