Geothermal Loops

Geothermal Loops provide the ultimate quality and performance for vertical ground source heat exchangers. They are available as single or double loops in standard lengths from 20 to 250 metres but custom made lengths are available to special order.

All loops are made from virgin grade PE100-RC polyethylene (PE) material. Each Loop has its own unique serial number and pressure test certificates can be provided on request.



  • Vertical ground source heat exchangers
  • Geothermal heat recovery systems


  • 25, 32 & 40mm sizes
  • Made from PE100-RC
  • Meets VDI 4060 standards
  • Available as single or double loops
  • Standard and custom lengths available
  • Meter markings provide depth verification during installation
  • Each individual loop is pressure tested
  • Hydraulic tests available
  • Perform in all temperatures & conditions associated with geothermal loop applications