Mikolit 300

Mikolit® 300 is an effective sealing pellet which requires no mixing or pumping. It can be used across various applications from borehole sealing to isolating instrumentation and sampling zones. Because Mikolit pellets are clay based it means they have very little dust content.

Mikolit® 300 is a medium grade bentonite pellet and has a swelling capacity of 50-70%. The pellets have excellent sinking qualities and are simple and easy to use.

Pellet size
Ø 8mm (D) 7-12mm (L)
Swelling capacity
50 - 70%
Delayed swelling time
15 min
Sinking speed in water
21 min/m
<10-11 m/s


  • Borehole sealing
  • Isolating instrumentation and sampling zones


  • 50-70% swelling capacity
  • Pre-formed pellets
  • Practically dust free
  • No grouting/mixing machines required
  • Low permeability