Well Chamber

Made from food grade polyethylene the HIRO Well Chamber is specially designed for the safe and hygienic solution for sealing the top of a drinking water well or open loop (water/water) geothermal well.

The vertical well pipe enters the through the base of the well shaft and is sealed around its circumference with a watertight flange. The top of the well pipe is sealed by means of a PVC Wellhead which allows cable and riser pipe connections to the well pump and if required a port to monitor the level of water in the well.

A horizontal watertight pipe connection through the side wall of the Well Chamber allows the water to be pumped either to a domestic dwelling or open hole geothermal well.

A watertight lid with a raised vent ensures that sealing against water ingress is prevented.

The lid has a ventilation head to avoid condensation in the chamber which is equipped with a screen to avoid insects and other biomass in the chamber.





  • Sealing the top of water wells
  • Sealing the top of open hole geothermal wells
  • Water/water heat pump installations


  • Made from food grade polyethylene
  • Prevents groundwater contamination
  • Compatible with DIN 4925 PVC wellscreen & casing
  • Watertight and traffic rated lid
  • 600mm access opening
  • Suitable for a wide range of horizontal distribution pipes
  • Designed to minimise internal condensation
  • Sizes to suit project requirement